Sunday, May 22, 2011

Welcome to the Family

My little brother is married!!! We have been waiting for Adam and Kaileigh to get married for many years now and I now have a new sister!! It was a beautiful, yet very hot, day in May. They both laughed and smiled through the ceremony and looked so amazing! There were lots of family and friends there to welcome the new Mr. and Mrs. Coats! Now I'm totally jealous because they're on the road to Disney World in Orlando. Our family has been going to Disney every two years for a long time, and now they're going without us!! I wonder how mad they would be if we gave them a surprise drop in! I wish!!! Here are some pictures from their wedding day....

Hubby and my Baby Girl!!

Our New Family

Gorgeous Wedding Cake on an Ice Sculpture

I did a crafting project for the wedding, but I'm submitting it in the Color My Summer contest so I'll have to keep those pictures to myself for another week!I was really happy with how it turned out though!!

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