Sunday, June 2, 2013

Walk With Me, Daddy {Tutorial}

You know how sometimes you just HAVE to give somebody something, even though the occasion isn't for a few days weeks? I pinned a poem last year that I wanted to do for Hubby THIS year, and after I had it made...I just couldn't wait to give it to him.

He loved it, and it now sits proudly with the pictures of his babies in our room.

The original Pin had two painted footprints, which is cute, but messy. And I did a footprint/handprint card for him a while back. I decided to use a picture we took in Charleston last week. It was perfect, although it only has one of our babies in it. It would be just as personal as the footprints with the added sweetness of the picture.
Here's how I put it together so you can make your own!
(This could be done with any poem/saying/song and picture. The possibilities are endless.)
Open your picture in Microsoft Word, or another program allowing text and pictures. Size the picture to fit your picture frame. Mine was a 5x7.

Click on your picture and choose "color options". Several options will pop up. Anything would work, but I chose to drain the color to a tan color scheme. Watercolor, sepia, or black and white would be nice. Just make sure it's light enough to show your text.

Fix the text wrapping to "through" so you can manipulate your picture and text with ease later.

In a new text box, type out your poem. Be creative with a fun font. I chose "Bleeding Watercolor" because it looks like kids' handwriting.

Move your text box over the picture and center it.
Work with the font size to fill your picture with the wording.

Print it out and frame that beauty!!

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  1. Thank you! This is going to be a great gift for my husband!

  2. What a super awesome gift! Pinning. Thanks for sharing. found at monday funday. Have a great night.

  3. How do I get the text box to go away so I can see the writin and the picture?

    1. Samantha, depending on the program you're using, you may need to edit your text box. Try right clicking on the text box and go to "format textbox". Then remove the outline, and change the background to "transparent". Hope this helps!

    2. I can't seem to get this to work either with the text box. I want to do with for christmas too. I am in word and I do not see the format textbox option when I right click to make it transparent. if you can email me

  4. Love this idea! I'm making one for my husband right now. But I'm not very tech savvy and I'm having trouble sizing it. I also would like mine to be 5X7. Would you please enlighten me? Thank you!

    1. Hey LeDawn! You can resize the image you're working with by using your "picture" tools in your word processing program. You should be able to left click and resize that way...then add the text you want. Hope that helps!


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