Monday, June 24, 2013

Product Review:

I was recently given the opportunity to make a review a card from . I LOVE cards, getting them and receiving them. One of my little hoarding secrets is that I've never thrown away a card. Ever. I have a huge drawer full of birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, whatever-day cards and I love them all.
The lovely people at told me to run wild with the card and really have fun making it. I didn't know what kind of card to make, but I decided on a "just because" card. I made the card and had it waiting on my parents when they got back from vacation last week. 
I made the mistake of browsing through ALL of the cards to find the one I wanted. BIG mistake. Ya'll....if you can't find a card you love from their huge selection, you're just too picky!! They have sooo many cards for all occasions, and they're cute which makes choosing even harder.
I finally decided to make a photo card with the Word Bubble option. I thought it would be cute.
*Note: these pictures do NOT do the card justice. The colors are brilliant and clear!* 
Uploading a photo was easy, and adding just the right text was too. There were many options to customize and lots of font selections and colors to choose from.
Ya'll know I love fonts.

Creating the perfect "just because" card, and making it personal didn't take any time at all once I chose the card I wanted. It was easy and fun to make a one-of-a-kind card. Shipping was fast too. I got my card in the mail in just a couple of days.
I am so glad I was introduced to and allowed to try their cards out. I dread going to the card stores in town these days. Have you ever tried taking a toddler in the card store? They want to touch/read/open everything!!
Now I have a go-to site to get beautiful, personalized cards for all occasions.
Go check them out!

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