Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Zoo Time

On our way down to the beach, we made a little pit stop at the ZOO! I've been wanting to take Goldilocks, but it's been super rainy, or we've been busy, so this was a great opportunity. Baby boy was just along for the ride, but I think he enjoyed getting out of the car.
The first thing we saw, Goldilocks loved. Because they were pink. The flamingos were so bright and fun to look at.

I like to imagine what these two were talking about. Making a dinner date perhaps...

One of Goldilocks' favorite movies is Happy Feet, so she was excited to see some penguins.

The heat was almost scorching in Columbia, so a lot of the animals weren't so happy to be out in it. The lions at least gave us a little peek.

This gal right here....I want her job. They said she had just had a baby, but there was no baby sighting for us.  I know how she feels...tired.

I got super happy when I saw this! These frames were made from all kinds of plants. My favorites were made of succulents, but there were fun grasses too. It makes me want to craft something, but my green thumb isn't so wonderful.

This little girl loved the Zoo. LOVED it.

One of my favorite animals were the giraffes. We got there at feeding time so they were happy and very social.

Which leads me to the best photobomb ever....

That's right, the giraffe photobombed my picture. She might as well have said "Hey Lady... take my picture too!!"

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