Monday, January 30, 2012

{Tutorial} Orange Peel Sugar Scrub

Here is a recipe for a deliciously sweet sugar scrub!

With winter in full swing, my skin gets dry and flaky. I'm horrible about not using lotion, because I'm usually grabbing Gray out of the tub too, getting her dressed, and chasing her around. Lotion, is not exactly on my mind.

So I turn to scrubs to keep my skin soft, flake free, and in this case smelling delicious!

Glass container for storage
3/4 cup granulated sugar
4Tbs Almond Oil
1Tbs Olive Oil
Zest of 1 Orange

Start by zesting your orange. Make sure you use a microplane or something similar because you want very tiny pieces. Watch Those Fingers!!

Zest likes to hide on the back of the grater, so make sure you scrape all of that goodness off.

Add your sugar and zest to your glass container. Mix it well, muddling it some to help release the oils of the orange

Add your oils a little at a time, stirring them in with the sugar mixture.

Finish the container off with a label if it's a gift, or a decorative bow and enjoy!
Kiss your winter skin ~GoodBye~

*Just a tip- I try not to use a scrub more than twice a week. Your skin needs time to recover after a good exfoliation*

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stay Up To Date!!

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With Google Friend Connect taking down it's service soon, it's important to be able to find the blogs you LOVE! I remember most of their names, but sometimes they have different "Names" than their actual web address.

There are lots of ways to follows Grits and Giggles!

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Friday, January 27, 2012

{Giveaway} And Printables!! (Closed)

Who's ready for a giveaway??

I was recently sent a copy of the My Memories Suite to review and just let me say...I'm in love!

Not only was I able to create some adorable scrapbook pages (which I'm going to frame), but I was able to create some wonderful printables for a Garden Tea Party I have coming up soon.

The scrapbooking software was very user friendly. I was immediately able to start adding text, pictures and embellishments without having to read any crazy instructions of how-tos.

The selection for backgrounds is also wonderful with great solids, funky patterns, and rich textures. (They offer Burlap!!!)

Here is a little preview of the projects I've made with the scrapbooking software so far:

These are two scrapbook pages I made with photos from our recent Beach Trip. The burlap background is so earthy and really makes the pictures pop!

One of my favorite embellishments is the "stitching" option. I love a good zig-zag stitch.

Here are the two printables I made for the Garden Party next week. I'm going to frame these for the table.

Feel free to right click, save to your computer and use these printables below for spring time!!!

Are you ready for the giveaway???

My Memories is giving away a software suite to one of my lucky readers!! I know you are going to love using it to create wonderful cards, printables, photo layouts, etc.

Here is how you enter:

Go to My Memories and check out their digital scrapbook packs, come back and tell me which one is your favorite!

For extra entries (leave one comment for each):

Be a GFC follower of Grits and Giggles (I Love new friends)
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The lucky winner will be announced next Friday night, February 3rd at 8:00pm.
So get those comments in!!

If you can't stand the wait, you can purchase the My Memories software suite at a discounted price through Grits & Giggles.

Use this coupon code:
to get $10 off the cost of the scrapbook software, PLUS an addition $10 coupon to the My store! A $20 value!!

Tell all of your crafty and scrapbook-loving friends!! I know ya'll are all going to love this!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Drying Flowers-Simple Tips

I have finished drying the flowers from my Papa's funeral a few weeks ago. I always keep flowers from funerals and weddings that are important to me as a reminder of the person/event. All of the little bouquets are safe and pretty in my china hutch.

I wanted to share with you how I dry my flowers to keep a pretty bouquet shape and keep vibrant color in the petals.

You'll want to select flowers that will dry well. Not all do. Hydrangeas, daisies, and orchids (in my experience) are very fragile and don't keep their color or shape well, but can be dried just the same.

Arrange your flowers into a bouquet and tie the stems together with string. I used jute.

Here is the key to keeping the color and shape....
Dry them in the refrigerator...upside down!!

Find a shelf to tie your string around, and clear some space so the flowers aren't pressed against anything. If they are pressed against a door or wall of the fridge, rotate the flowers every few days to keep them from flattening.

A small bouquet takes about 5 weeks to dry in the fridge. It may seem like a long time, but it soooo worth it. Just look at the colors of the dried flowers below!

Almost 4 years later, the cake topper from mine and Hubby's wedding is still a beautiful and vibrant orange color. It looks gorgeous displayed in our home and is a sweet reminder of our special day.

My bouquet was full of orchids and hydrangeas (remember those don't dry well), so it didn't dry as pretty as the other arrangements, but look a the color of the roses. They kept their beautiful varigated color.

I hope you can use these tips in drying your own flowers to remember a special occasion, or just a gorgeous bloom from your garden.

With Valentine's Day coming up it would be a great way to preserve a beautiful bouquet to enjoy for a LONG time.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I Love Wednesday

It's that time again!!

 I love Wednesdays because I get to feature what YOU have been working on. I love discovering amazing projects that inspire me and make me say WOW.

I've been thinking about making some pillows, and when I saw these at Positively Splendid I was in love. I have a serious love for green and blue. She even has a tutorial!!

I love these sweet little pillows from Lovely Etc. They would be wonderful on a front porch swing.

This winter hat from See Kate Sew is a perfect way to refashion a too-small or tired sweater. She has a pattern and tutorial for you!

The brilliant colors of this circus party over at Vixen Made caught my eye. I love the attention to detail!

One of my favorite crafty ladies, Vanessa at The Crafty Nest has created these Valentine's Day Oreo Pops. They would be soooo delicious and pretty for any occasion!

Thanks for sharing your craftiness with us!
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Monday, January 23, 2012

My New Dress

I have FINALLY done some sewing for me. I haven't really made much for Gray or myself lately since I made these dresses last summer...

After finding dress after dress on Pinterest that I absolutely love, I decided I needed a shift dress in my wardrobe. I love the conservative and funky style of most of the dresses, but the pricetag was NOT what I was looking for. Most of these I pinned cost at least $150!

Here are a few that I pinned and fell in love with.


I love the shapes of all of them, but this last one was my favorite. I love the longer hem length and the overall shape.

I went to the fabric store and found a super-cute and funky navy and cream polka dot. Only's polyester. YUCK! But for me to have a super-smooth-drapey dress....It had to be silky polyester. I love it on the bolt and once it's done...but trying to do a rolled hem and finish the edges without a serger is a total nightmare.

That being is my new shift dress!!
Complete with tights and boots.

From the back

It's fitted, but not too tight, so no zipper, and still plenty of room for movement.

It has a very high neckline.

For a conservative, but fun Mommy

See how happy it makes me!!

I could kick myself for not making a paper pattern. I just lay down fabric, measure and cut. Now I want to make more and have to start from scratch!! Oh well...the fun is in the challenge.

Now I want a RED one.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Open Again

The Etsy Shop is open again!!

There are some old favorites as well as some new goodies, and many more coming soon!!

Check out the new zippered pouches in three totally fun colors...

How about some crocheted goodness???

Then we have some old favorites...

And our original, signature item for the babies....

I have many, many ( far too many) almost finished projects sitting in the craft room. They will hit the store when I'm finally done with them.

There's some funky chevron fabric sitting in my sewing room....just dying to be made into a clutch.
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