Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Clutch Love

I have one clutch. That's it...just one. And it's not even a real clutch. It's a bag that came with my hair straightener that LOOKS like a clutch, and I treat it like one. It's lime green and crocodile print/skin.

I've decided it's time that I have another clutch to carry "just in case". I'm working on one right now that's in pieces in my sewing room...but if all goes well with it, I'll have a new clutch, AND a pattern for you!

Until are a few clutches I've found on Pinterest that I love...

Love Love Love the big bow!!
Source: via Jenilyn on Pinterest

I Love all things Amy Butler, and this bag is no exeption.

The beadwork on this one is so sweet.
Source: via Jenilyn on Pinterest

Soooo romantic!!

Classic leather. Plain but pretty.

I can't wait to finish up my clutch and show it to you. It's fun putting it together!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Orange Gingham

Hubby made another request for a dress for Grayson last week....and I was happy to oblige. He showed me this sweet little peasant dress on the internet in orange gingham, and I was super excited to make it! I made her this Purple Gingham Dress last week.

I love making dresses on Sunday afternoons when he's at work and letting Gray have them on when he comes home. It's like a fun "Surprise!!" I sent him a picture of this one and he thought it was store bought...which of course, made my day.

The fit is perfect with plenty of room for running and playing. I always seem to get dresses with sleeves too tight on her under the arms, so this time I made SURE that it was roomy, and it worked.

I was also going to put elastic in the arms and make them "puffy" sleeves, but I liked the wide sleeves when I was done sewing, and I think she does too.

It's getting harder to take good pictures of her because now its a game for her to run from me.

But every now and then I get that sweet face.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Alumni Weekend

I had a wonderful time with my Alpha Omega sisters this weekend for our Alumni gathering. It was so nice to see everyone, and to be back "home" at Winthrop again.

I took a little walking tour around campus to take some pictures of my favorite spots.

I have so many good and unique memories from my 4 years here.

This sign has new meaning now.

It's just as beautiful as when I left it.

We had a great Alumni Dinner Friday night. Some older sisters were able to make it and we talked about old times and traditions.

Saturday was full of activities starting with the Alumni Brunch hosted by the current sisters.

We connected with our "family trees" and took LOTS of pictures. I'm not sure that we should have been sitting on that wall, but it was it had to be done.

It was gorgeous outside so we snuck out for some picture time...most of them were very silly, but we got a few usable ones.

All of the Sisters and Alumni at the brunch with our GIANT letters.

The letters bring out the craziness is some people (ME)

It's always nice to go back and see familiar places and faces.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Away!!

This will be the first time I've spent two whole days away from my baby girl. I will miss her (and Hubby) but I'm super excited to be going back to Rock Hill for my Alpha Omega Alumni Weekend!!

In college I was in a Christian sorority called Alpha Omega. My best friends came from this group and we are all still soooo close, even though geography has torn us in all different directions!

This weekend we will meet new sisters, hang out with old ones, eat and worship together, and have CRAFT time!! It's going to be a wonderful weekend hanging out with my girls again.

Here's little trip down memory lane for me...and YOU! I literally have thousands of pictures from my 4 years at Winthrop with AO, but here are a few of my favorites....

The welcome back picnic at Winthrop with my bestie Morgan.

Sisterhood retreat 2007

The WHOLE group at our sister initiations

The "Great Flour Fight of 2006"....this was the best fight/activity ever.
If you've never tried it, put some flour in pantyhose and beat the crap out of each other.
It's therapeutic...I promise.
(And this is one of the only pictures in existence where I'm wearing shorts.)

Again with the Bestie.

Birthday Bash, 2008
Me and the girl on the right, Kristen,  share the same birthday!!

Relay for Life. Always near to my heart.

My blessed roommate. This could have been an amazing picture.
But this is why I love her.

This is my favorite picture of me and Hubby from before we were married.
Formal 2007

I slept in this box overnight, outside for a Home-Sweet-Homeless fundraiser. I wish it had not been in February, and I wish my box hadn't collapsed on me.

Winthrop Homecoming!!

Monday nights at Chick-Fil-A. There will never be anything like it.

More Winthrop Homecoming

Another year of Relay for Life. This was always my favorite event.

I can't wait to see these girls again and spend the weekend with them!! It's been too long and I'm afraid two days won't be enough time to catch up.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Purple Gingham

After a request from Hubby, I've made Gray a sweet little purple gingham dress.

 We saw one just like it in a store in Clemson, but it was $35! Yikes! I KNEW I could make one the same shape and style...and here it is!

 Now all it needs is a little tiger paw embroidered on the front and it will be done. Total cost of fabric with leftovers...$2.99.

It's perfect to wear right now because it fits with a shirt underneath.

This gingham fabric has got to be some of the softest I have ever felt. Its wonderfully light and airy too.

The biggest problem with winter outdoor pictures! Gray "test drove" it for me though...while driving her little car. I think she approves.

This little dress is definitely a keeper.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I love Wednesday

It's that time of the week again, where I get to feature what YOU have been up to!
This week I came across some projects that make a beautiful use of fabric!!!

Are you tired of seeing Burlap projects??? Me Neither!! I love this wreath by Made in a Day.

I love how sweet and simple this quilt looks, but is simply stunning. The colors are soft and beautiful.

Burlap and Rosettes!! I love how this frame is dressed up with burlap flowers. She even has the printable in the frame for FREE on her website.

I totally thought that these were adorable little pillows...but guess what... They're No SEW! That makes them even sweeter!

These two pillows make my heart smile. I love the bunting, and the Yo-Yo flowers are too cute.

Thank ya'll for sharing your craftiness with us!

Grab a featured button!!

Featured Button
*Happy Crafting*

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Diaper Sewing

I wanted to try a new nighttime diaper solution for Gray. I have always loved the adorable prints of fitted diapers, but I knew Hubby wouldn't go for a two step system with having to put on a cover. Our Pockets still work great during the day, but I wanted something different at night.

 Instead of paying $20+ dollars a piece for fitted diapers...I decided to try my hand at making one.

I am VERY pleased with the result!! It's made from an old t-shirt and lined with fleece, with a layer of microfiber and terry sewn in-between the layers for absorbancy.

Super soft, stay-dry fleece on the inside...

And the best part.... Dale Jr. across the front! I tried desperately to get it across the back so it was more visible, but I couldn't cut the shirt that way.

I's a little redneck country of me, but its such a soft and stretchy shirt!

We've got piles of old shirts that we'll never wear again that would be perfect for a whole stash of fitteds. And since they're already at our's free!

It fits her little butt like a glove and looks Oh So Cute!

I get too excited about something my baby poops in.
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