Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Orange Gingham

Hubby made another request for a dress for Grayson last week....and I was happy to oblige. He showed me this sweet little peasant dress on the internet in orange gingham, and I was super excited to make it! I made her this Purple Gingham Dress last week.

I love making dresses on Sunday afternoons when he's at work and letting Gray have them on when he comes home. It's like a fun "Surprise!!" I sent him a picture of this one and he thought it was store bought...which of course, made my day.

The fit is perfect with plenty of room for running and playing. I always seem to get dresses with sleeves too tight on her under the arms, so this time I made SURE that it was roomy, and it worked.

I was also going to put elastic in the arms and make them "puffy" sleeves, but I liked the wide sleeves when I was done sewing, and I think she does too.

It's getting harder to take good pictures of her because now its a game for her to run from me.

But every now and then I get that sweet face.

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