Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Treats

Last weekend I made some Valentine's Oreos for our Tea Party!

Vanessa at See Vanessa Craft (Formerly The Crafty Nest) shared her tutorial on how to make Valentine's Oreo Pops, and I HAD to try them.

You can find her tutorial on how to make them HERE.

They started as Oreos on a stick....

And became Valentine's deliciousness.

Ready for gifting.

I wrapped them individually as favors for my guests at the teaparty.

I still have some Oreos and candy melts left I  may make a Valentine's batch for work this week! Everyone's on a diet, but I'm sure one sweet Oreo pop won't hurt it too bad.


  1. What and awesome idea! I think my grandchildren would love this and they wold think Grandma was pretty darn amazing too! I will have to try this out.

  2. This looks great and seems so easy! I am pinning it! Thanks for the inspiration. Since I'm late for Valentine's treats I wonder if these can be modified for other holidays too by dyeing the coating with food coloring. Like green for St. Patty's, orange for Halloween etc. Thanks for posting!
    new you your blog. pls check out mine.


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