Thursday, April 25, 2013

Learning to Save

Our family loves piggy banks. My Granny has a very neat collection that I've always admired, so when Gray was born, I knew she had to have some piggy banks of her very own. She got some from us, as gifts, and one from Granny's collection, and they are all beautifully displayed in her room.

She likes to put her change in them, whether its change she has found, or change she has weaseled out of her uncle Adam by batting her sweet little eyelashes. I love that she saves her change, but I want her to learn about "saving" too. It's not just about putting money in, but seeing the money you've saved over time.
I wanted her to have a way to see how much she was actually saving with her coins, so I made her a savings bank to keep her coins in until its time to stash them away into real savings. (Or for her to spend on something fun!) Being a two year old, I think she'll take the last option.
Here's how I put together her money jar.

Medium sized glass jar with lid (I used an old pickle jar)
Vinyl lettering or fun stickers
I began by removing the label from my jar, and running it through the dishwasher a few times to remove an food smells and get it nice and clean.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out a large "G" and the name Grayson, as well as some polka dots from adhesive vinyl. You can use stickers, or vinyl lettering from craft stores too!

Place your large letter in the center of the jar first.

Then apply the whole name on top.

Add dots or other decorations to make the jar unique and fun. You can match it to a nursery or bedroom too.

And you're DONE! I left the lid intact so there would be no sharp edges from cutting a hole. And what little kid doesn't love taking the lids off of things!

Drop a few coins in to get them started.

Once her jar is full, it will be time to roll the coins and let her do a little shopping.
I can't wait to see it fill up!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thanks Anthropologie...

How many of you remember the Sweet August Dress I made a couple of years ago?

It was inspired by the shape of an Anthropologie dress that I loved...but couldn't afford. Their dress was brown and covered with lemons, and beautiful. But I wanted an orange one, and a cheaper one, so I made it myself.
While browsing through Anthropologie the other day, I found this dress....

It's made of the same material as my Sweet August Dress...and it comes in Orange!!! V-Neck, waist band, gathered skirt, shirred back. I guess we've come full circle.
Obviously I'm not saying Anthropologie copied my tutorial to make their dress...but it's a nice thought...isn't it?? I can live in a dream world for now.
I'm hoping I can make a few more dresses for me this summer, but with two littles in the house, time for sewing has become rather slim. One day....


Thursday, April 18, 2013

From Germany...with Love

So...during our major swing of life events (Read more here...)...Hubby took off for a few weeks to visit Germany! Okay, so he didn't really take off. He was sent by his new company to do some serious hands-on learning. Baby boy was only 6 weeks old when he left, which made it doubly difficult for both of us. 3 weeks is forever to be away from an infant while they're changing every day...not to mention I had both babies by myself!
As hard as it was to have him away, I know it was a wonderful learning experience for him, as well as a super-cultural one. Being in a foreign country with nobody he "knew", no real translator, and zero knowledge of the language came with a bit of a learning curve.
I was so excited when he came home with over 700 pictures on the camera and LOTS, I mean LOTS of stories to tell. Here's a few pictures from his journey...
This one made my heart happy. I DO love some Ikea, and so does Europe.

This is a castle in Loewenburg. It's so pretty!!

He did a lot of his traveling with some German coworkers. If I had looked at the speedometer and seen this...I would have died right there. WAAAAAAY too fast for me.

What a gorgeous view.

It snowed, and was "bone-chilling" cold the whole time he was there. We had a few warm (Think...70 degrees) days while he was away, so he was very jealous.

Here's the castle again.....gorgeous.

Here's The Cathedral of Strasbourg, Alsace France. They were able to visit on Palm Sunday, which would have made the trip so much cooler!
It was so funny to here him say "We drove to France before we had to go to work today." I guess that's like us driving from state to state!

When I think of Germany, this is exactly how I picture it.
I'm so glad he took this picture so I wasn't disappointed!

This is a doll in a toy store. This really makes my baby-wearing heart smile!

Look! A German swan!!
(Sorry...I had to)

How pretty is the European Parliament building! I love all of the flags lined up outside. Sooo colorful.

While it's wonderful to explore new countries and cultures...there's no place like home.
He didn't have to tell me where this was. I know the Charlotte skyline anywhere!
A short wait in Charlotte, then he was home to South Carolina.

He heard Gray screaming for him loooong before he saw any of us.
It's so great to have him home again.
Absence really does make the heart grow fonder...
and with a toddler and an infant...having him home makes life a little more manageable.
I have some family in Germany, so hopefully, one day down the road, I can travel with him and meet them! Now THAT would be an exciting trip!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Officially Official...

After many thoughts, prayers, math problems, and pulling my hair out...our family has made the decision that I will be a Stay at Home Mommy!!!
My last official day at the hospital was last week, although, since I'm still "on maternity leave" I didn't have to actually work it. That was bittersweet, because when I went out on maternity leave, I didn't know that my last day would REALLY be my "last day". I wanted to cause a little chaos before I left for good, but I'll have to leave that fun to someone else.

I will definitely miss the lab, the hospital, and all of my crazy lab friends. The blood, goo, and general craziness of working in a lab will be missed also. I'm gonna hang on to my certification, and can hopefully hop back into the craziness one day once the babies are in school.
In the meantime, my days are filled with cooking, cleaning, reading, changing diapers, washing clothes, running errands, organizing, and keeping two babies as happy and healthy as I can.
Gray enjoyed "Daddy Day Care" for 2 1/2 years, so having Mommy home now has been quite an adjustment, but we're getting there.
I have decided that being a stay at home mom is easy. But being a stay at home mom with a clean and organized house and two little a challenge! In the process of cleaning one mess, or cooking supper, or doing laundry...another mess begins to find its way into our living room. It makes for a busy day, but seeing my babies happy is worth it.
Now that summer is coming, we're looking forward to playing outside! I missed so much last year from having to sleep the day away just to get up and go to work.
We're enjoying this fun new challenge, and learning together along the way.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Are you friends with Grits & Giggles on Facebook??
We're giving away a free copy of the
Lindsay Reverse Knot Dress Pattern to celebrate it's launch!

To win!
I'll draw a winner tomorrow night!

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Pattern is Here!

It's finally here!
The Lindsay Reverse Knot Dress
 pattern is available at Grits & Giggles the Shop!

I had some amazing pattern testers give me feedback to make the pattern great, and now it's ready for YOU to sew!
Find it listed HERE

With a fully lined bodice, and adjustable straps, the dress is modest and comfortable for any little girl!
The pattern is available in sizes 6months-5T
and is only $6.50!
Make this adorable dress over and over again for the sweet little girls in your life!

*Happy Sewing*

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