Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Diaper Sewing

I wanted to try a new nighttime diaper solution for Gray. I have always loved the adorable prints of fitted diapers, but I knew Hubby wouldn't go for a two step system with having to put on a cover. Our Pockets still work great during the day, but I wanted something different at night.

 Instead of paying $20+ dollars a piece for fitted diapers...I decided to try my hand at making one.

I am VERY pleased with the result!! It's made from an old t-shirt and lined with fleece, with a layer of microfiber and terry sewn in-between the layers for absorbancy.

Super soft, stay-dry fleece on the inside...

And the best part.... Dale Jr. across the front! I tried desperately to get it across the back so it was more visible, but I couldn't cut the shirt that way.

I know...it's a little redneck country of me, but its such a soft and stretchy shirt!

We've got piles of old shirts that we'll never wear again that would be perfect for a whole stash of fitteds. And since they're already at our house...it's free!

It fits her little butt like a glove and looks Oh So Cute!

I get too excited about something my baby poops in.


  1. haha... I love your last line! You are so talented with all your sewing projects!

  2. Very cute. What pattern did you use for this, or are you one of these super clever people that work without patterns?

    1. Thanks Sherry! I used three of my favorite diapers to create my own pattern. I may make a digital pattern for myself and others soon!

  3. I love making my own fitteds! I had a huge stash of toddler-sized prefolds (the really huge ones) that I had bought for nighttime for one of our kids who was potty-trained but not always dry overnight. When I didn't need those anymore, I decided to make them into fitteds. They are the most absorbent, best diapers ever! Not as cute as your tshirt diaper though!! Maybe I'll try some of the prefold cotton on the inside and a tshirt outside.


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