Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day


Hugging my baby when she wakes up in the morning
Kisses from Hubby
Smelling the top of Gray's head
Twirling her little curls around my finger
Saturday night "Mexican Dates" with the whole family
Hearing Mama, Mama, MAMA!
My cup of "Hubby-Made" coffee before I go to work
Laughing my head off at a good night at work
Gray smacking my arm wanting to know the next character in her book
Tickling her until she laughs and screams
Kissing away "uh-oh's"
The Cheesecake Factory
Family walks around the neighborhood
Taking pictures
Singing too loudly at work
The big waves and kisses from the tiny person behind the door as I leave for work
Coming home to a shiny, clean, Hubby-cleaned house
Old worn-out jeans
Rainbow flip flops
Feeding Gray Skittles and watching her tongue turn all the colors of the rainbow
Snuggling with my kitty in bed while he purrrrs
Gray's Anatomy
Clemson Football
I Love...

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