Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Fudge (In 3 Minutes!)

One of my favorite blogs to read is V. and Co. . She makes the most beautiful things and has some of the funniest family stories to read. Recently she posted a recipe for Mint Fudge, made with 3 ingredients in 3 minutes...and I had to try it.

Doesn't it look yummy???

I made mine a little different....adding pecans (my favorite!) and subtracting the mint pieces. See her site for the full tutorial...

I mixed my semi-sweet chocolate chips with a can of sweetened condensed milk and microwaved until smooth.

Chopped up some fresh pecans, right off of my Granny's tree! Yummmmm.

Stirred in the pecans and sprinkled a few on top.

I cut up the fudge and placed them on my favorite Christmas platter and took them to a few Christmas parties.

What didn't get eaten at the parties got GONE at work! We just love to eat at makes 3rd shift just a little bit "sweeter".

Thanks to Vanessa for sharing this quick and easy recipe!! Next time I'm trying the mint, becuase it looks oh so delicious!

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