Friday, January 6, 2012

New Pretties

I have put the SHOP on a little vacation for a couple of weeks so that I can make some new pretties to go in it! I finally bought myself some new fabric, and it was soooo hard to cut into, but I'm loving what has come out of it already.

Oooooh I just love my orange and teals!! Joel Dewberry must have been inside my head when he came up with those prints...or not...I love them anyways.

With my fun fabrics, I have been putting together some new zippered bags. They could be a clutch perhaps...or a make-up bag...or an organizer for a really big purse!

I think this orange and teal one would make a sweet little summertime clutch.

The pink and green one reminds me of the hundreds of Clinique bags I've collected over the years!

The crocheting  bug has bitten again, and I'm loving making some BIG CHUNKY COWLS!
I'll be putting a few of those in the shop too.

I wore my new one out on New Year's Eve and it kept me nice and warm, and fashionable!

All of these (except my creamy cowl) are going to be in the shop soon when it reopens...but if you love one, let me know and I'll put it on hold for you! How delicious would that red cowl be with a black dress on Valentine's Day?? Just sayin.


  1. Love the new stuff! The first bag is super cute!

  2. xcellent tutorial! I actually did it successfully and I am a beginner when it comes to sewing. I ended up doing it to two pairs. I love them! Thank you!
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