Saturday, January 21, 2012

We're Baaaaack!!

We are finally back from our winter beach trip. It was NOT crowded at fact....a lot of places were closed for the winter! But it was nice to shop and eat...and shop, and eat.

We had a little hiccup in the trip when our condo was burglarized and some of our personal things were taken. Not how we wanted to end our trip. Thankfully we weren't there when it happened and the things they took can  be replaced.

We were pretty down about it, until I came home and started looking at our pictures from the week. I realized that we had a wonderful time with each other and nothing can take that away.

Here's a little peek into our week...

We're too cheap to go to the we went to Bass Pro Shops instead for Gray to see the fish.

We thought she was loving driving her car....

But clearly we were wrong.

Hubby about to do some serious seafood eating.

It was cold on the beach, but it was a beautiful day for letting Gray run and play in the sand.

Is there anything in the world cuter than baby feet??? No, there isn't.

This little girl LOVES the water.

AND the sand.

Yay for family pictures! So glad Granny could go with us.

I can't resist that face. This was taken right before she smeared that container of butter In. Her. Hair.

Shopping must always include a snack bag.

Taking a peek out to the ocean.

Oh how I love this girl.

One word about this picture....Timing! I think this one is pretty cool.

Granny posed with her bird-friend.

I was a great week but it's so nice to be home. Maybe next time we'll actually TAKE a bathing suit and be able to wear it.

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