Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Crazies

Well it appears that the crazies have come out of hiding tonight. The hospital has been a mad-house. Crazy patients, crazy test results, crazy machines...ahhhh! Fortunately the night is almost over and I can go home to hubby and bottle of SkinnyGirl Margarita he bought me. I DVR'd Bethenny Ever After too so I guess I'll curl up with her show and her drink and have me a nice bedtime.

I'm working on a tutorial on making some festive and inexpensive wreaths for my brothers wedding in a few weeks. I keep forgetting to take pictures as I go, but I think it will still be helpful. I'll post pictures from the rehearsal dinner too (which is what they're actually for.) Between making that and the million little things I'm sewing for Grayson, I don't know which I want to do tonight. Maybe I should just take a little break and have some me-time. This probably will not happen.

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