Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cloth Diapers FAQs

I get asked ALL THE TIME about our diapers....because we are the only people we know in real life who use them. I say "in real life" because I have a lot of TheBump friends who use them, but they live in my computer. I love telling people about them because A) They're better for the environment  B) They're so much cheaper than disposables  C) They're better for baby    D) They're so stinking cute!!!

Here are some FAQs about the Cloth diapering world that I get asked a lot!!

Q: Are they really THAT much cheaper than disposables???
A: Yes and No. If you have self control, and only buy the diapers you need for your baby, then YES, it saves lots of money!! If you buy every cute color and print you see, then it gets a little more expensive. I have tried to buy mostly gender-neutral colors so far, so we can use them for Baby #2 and NEVER have to buy diapers again! Now that's a serious cost-savings!!

Q: Do you wash them with all your other clothes?
A: Not usually, but sometimes! I usually do a load of diapers by themselves just because I wash them a little differently. But when I do throw in a pair of jeans, or my scrubs for work...I have never ever gotten poop on my clothes!!

Q: How do you wash them?
A: There are tons of different ways that are "correct" to wash diapers, but here is my method. I throw them in the machine and give them a good rinse with no spin to keep them good and wet. Then I add some good old fashioned Tide and wash them with hot water. I give them a second rinse to get all of the detergent out. Then I dry them and they come out squeaky clean and smelling fresh!!

Q: Are there different kinds of cloth diapers?
A: There are many different kinds of cloth diapers, and everyone likes something different! There are still the old fashioned kind that you wrap around your baby and cover with a waterproof cover. On the opposite end of the spectrum there are All-In-Ones which are identical to disposables except they're made of natural fibers and you wash them instead of throwing them away. We use an in-between kind of diaper called a Pocket Diaper. These fit with velcro just like disposables, but you stuff them with absorbant inserts. We use a little insert during the day, and stuff it pretty full at night so it holds hours of pee!

Q: What are your favorite types/brands?
A: All of our diapers are pocket diapers but we have several different brands. Many in our stash are from a Work-at-home-mama called "Three Monkeys Cloth Diapers". She has the cutest patterns!! We also have a lot of BumGenius, Happy Heinys and Kawaii diapers. I have one Rumparooz that I love, but they're a lot more expensive, so fortunately that one was a freebie!!

I love that we decided to dive into cloth diapering head first and haven't turned back yet! It's so nice not to throw out huge bags of diapers from the diaper genie several times a week! And Gray hasn't had a diaper rash since we started cloth! I love that its better for Gray and for the environment...but her little butt looks so squishy and cute in those fluffy colors!!!

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