Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sewing Projects

I have been a sewing fool here recently. I love making dresses for Gray, even though I know without a doubt that she doesn't need any more dresses. Right now they're not practical....she's crawling....and while I haven't tried to crawl in a dress recently, she makes it look really hard. I usually end up taking her dress of or tucking it in her diaper so she can move around more freely. That being said, I still love to sew for her.

I've started making her some diapers and matching tops. I recently made us a "Mommy and Me" top which turned out great! I was asked for some instruction in making these tops, so once I get home and get out the camera and sewing machine, I'll make a tutorial to make things a little easier!

Here are three of the dresses that I've made for her that I'm in love with!

And here are some Mommy and Me pictures with our matching tops!!

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