Monday, May 2, 2011

Stupid Velcro

So Grayson has learned how to undo the velcro on some of her diapers. This is just fantastic!! It's only the Happy Heinys brand so I think we're safe on the others for now, but it stinks because I LOVE their colors and prints! Nobody else has the ones they do. Half of our stash is snaps (which Hubby hates!) and the other half is velcro. Maybe the snaps will deter the diaper removal. I'm hoping that she keeps this talent of hers under wraps for a while and doesn't leave us any surprises in the living room. Ewwwww!

Her other new trick that she's doing more often is biting! She got her second tooth last week and the first one is getting taller and sharper. I have  to be more careful when feeding her with my fingers....and while nursing. Ouch!

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