Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cake Pops Tutorial!!

Here it is people!! The CakePops I made for Adam and Kaileigh's graduation party! Adam requested strawberry, so that's why they're pink!! And I couldn't for the life of my find sprinkles the color I pearls had to do! But who doesn't love pearls!!

Let's get started, shall we?
1 box cake mix of your choice. (You could make it from scratch, but let's not be a hero.)
1 can of frosting of your choice. I used strawberry cake and strawberry frosting
Candy sticks
Candy melts (from craft stores)
sprinkles or other edible decorations

Bake your cake according to its directions. This is the most perfect I've ever had a cake come out of a bundt pan. It didn't last long!
Because step 2 is to destroy it!! I used an old fashioned nut chopper, but you could use anything really.

Once it's broken into little pieces, add in your frosting. Mix until it's pretty much even.

Roll it into golfball sized balls. These were pretty big. I would have prefered smaller. Refrigerate overnight.

I wrapped two floral foam blocks in paper to make them pretty. These will hold your pops once you dip them.

Melt your candy melts in a bowl for 30 seconds at a time until they reach dipping consistency. Dip the end of each stick in the candy, then place in your cake ball.

Dip each ball in the melted candy, then sprinkle before it dries!

Place in the foam block to dry, then enjoy!!

Mine were for a graduation party, so I added a little bit of ribbon in the college colors for decoration.

Here is a version I did for the 4th of July...

I really wanna try red velvet cake dipped in dark chocolate...but that will be for another day!!


  1. WOW Jenilyn! You have such great blog posts and I love this tutorial...I have been wanting to make cake pops for an upcoming summer playgroup and now I will. THANKS! I'm excited to check out more of your stuff and your etsy shop too!
    Following You Back,
    - jenny at dapperhouse

  2. This looks awesome!! I can't wait to try it out.

  3. Oh cake pops. I have a love hate relationship with them. I swore them off ( and then my sister in law bought me bakerella's cake pop book. So I HAD to make them with her again. Except I didn't read the instructions that you're supposed to do only 3/4 of your can of frosting. And they all fell off the sticks. NIGHTMARE. So I bravo for making these and them turning out so well. They're not as easy as they seem and yours look just lovely. Stopping by from Chef's linky party.

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    -B. Haven

  5. Thnk you so much for the how-to. I LOVE the ones you did for the 4th... how did you make the outside blue? (and when you say candy melts, is it actual candy or chocolate? Not sure if it's the same thing since I live on the other side of the pond)


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