Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cheese Grits and Tylenol

Day 2 was a pretty eventful day, full of shopping! We always devote one vacation day to shopping, and we did a pretty good job of it today! However... As the day progressed, Gray started acting very sluggish and tired. She never fussed but just wasn't acting like our super-happy baby. We went to supper and I ordered her some cheese grits to make her feel better. It did the trick for a while, but the longer we stayed out, the more pitiful she looked. She got a good dose of Tylenol when we got back to the condo then she slept while I held her. Her fever went down before we laid her down in bed. Hopefully tomorrow she'll wake up back to normal and feeling great again!

We're hoping for sunshine tomorrow for another beach day! If Gray feels like it she'll get to play with her new bucket!

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