Friday, May 20, 2011

Toes in the Sand

We are back from the beach and it was a wonderful trip!! Grayson slept through the night every night...which has never happened!! It was amazing to get 8 hours of sleep again. Lets just see if this continues into this week. We got to try out her "swim diapers" too. I made one of them and we used her Kawaii diapers for the others. I made her swim tops too. I wanted them to be loose and long so I made this with some scraps of knit I had laying around! Matt wouldn't let her wear a regular 2-piece anyways. He thinks she should start being conservative at a young age. Yeah right.

Gray loves the water and the sand, and thoroughly enjoyed her first SlimJim on the beach! (Don't judge me, the kid loves spicy food.) She got a little angry playing in the sand because every time she would find something cool we would take it away....You know, sticks, seashells, cigarette butts. Yuck!! Fortunately she didn't eat any of her new-found treasures.

Here are some of the pictures from our little family vacation:

Splashing in the Atlantic Ocean

My first sand castle!!

Don't you love Gray's little dress!! You can find the tutoral HERE  . It's the Mod Sailor Dress by Happy Together!

Every time we take Gray to the beach she changes so much! The first time she was 2 months old. Last time she was 7 months and not crawling yet. This time we were chasing her around the condo!! She's growing up so fast!

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  1. Oooh, isn't she such a cutie? It's quite funny that you forgot her swim diapers during a day of swimming at the beach. Hehe. Well, how did the Kawaii diapers do? It seems that your little Gray had so much fun in the sand.


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