Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mommy Things I Can't Live Without!

There are a few mommy items that are just absolutely necessary to get through the day. I'm sure these are different for all women, but here's mine!

A nursing cover. I have several, but my favorite are the ones I've made...mostly because they're longer and wider to cover my sides. I HATE skin hanging out when we're out in public.

Nursing Pads. I thought I could get away with some little thin things, and "not really need them". Oh yeah right. My first week of breastfeeding Grayson I looked like I was entering the worlds least sexy wet t-shirt contest. There's nothing more embarassing than walking around with milk running down your shirt. Very attractive.

Teething Pearls. Grayson is teething, and its fun fun fun for all of us in the house. She's not too fussy, but she won't sleep. When we're out she chews on anything and everything!! I made these teething pearls for her, and she loves them. I've started giving them to friends as gifts for them and their babies. Sometimes I wear mine when Grayson is not around because they're just a bright accessory...nobody knows its a chew toy!!

My old Blackberry. Yes I'm serious. Gray's favorite new toy is my old phone. She can find my phone in my purse no matter where I hide it. Since I don't want her chewing on my iPhone...I've gifted my old phone to her for her enjoyment. Don't worry...I took the battery out.

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