Thursday, December 29, 2011

{Crafty Year in Review} Part 1

This has been such a WONDERFUL year! There has been so much crafting, sewing, cooking, glitter, fabric, hot glue, and ribbon that I've barely been able to keep up with it all. Luckally for me...YOU have been helping me keep up!

I started this little blog back in April, wanting to keep an online diary of life with a husband, little girl and a few crafts along the way. Little did I know that I would have ALL of you amazing readers coming every day to join me in my Mommy and Crafting journey.

Today and tomorrow I will be doing a little countdown of the 10 most popular posts at Grits & Giggles this year. Most of these are tutorials that YOU, the readers have given me great feedback on, and even shared the things you've made using them with me! I love to see what you do, so send me a link so I can share what you've been doing too.

Let's get started!!
This was one of my favorite projects this year because it incorporated three things I adore...dots, argyle, and monograms! Fall is my favorite season, so I got to enjoys these sweet pumpkins for several months on my front porch.


Gooooo Tigers! I made this blanket at Hubby's request, because he needed a Clemson blanket that was "Man-sized"...meaning...long enough to cover him from head to toe. As much as I love sewing, I love making these kinds of blankets because they can be made anywhere and are quick to finish with beautiful results!


This skirt was made for the "Summer of NO Pants" series at Hideous, Dreadful, Stinky. I challenged myself to make 4 skirts, and it looks like ya'll loved this as much as I did! Thsi was one of my first tutorials too. I've learned a lot since then, but it's still easy to follow I think.


I love this necklace...but I've never worn it. I made it to go with a certain dress to an event this summer...then I changed my mind on the dress. I'm sure I'll come up with something. Until then, it just sits looking pretty on my jewelry box.


This shirt-to-dress refashion was inspired by the tutorial at MADE. I saw this shirt at Goodwill and knew it would make an adorable little dress.

Come back tomorrow for project #5 down to the #1 most-viewed Grits & Giggles project of the year!!

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