Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What I Love Wednesday- Flattery Addition

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For this edition of What I Love Wednesday, I want to show of some of the crafty things that YOU have been doing that have been inspired in some way by something you saw at Grits & Giggles.

It is soooo flattering to see a craft that someone else made using YOUR tutorials Linked Up to parties for others to see. That's why we blog and share help out each other's creative itch and make our homes and lives a little more crafty and beautiful!

Here are three projects that three very talented ladies put together, as well as the Grits & Giggles version. I found these through friend's blogs and through link parties....

I was blown away by the cuteness of this wreath made for....a GUY! (Doesn't that "S" look like stitched leather???) I was thrilled to see that she had used our Funky Christmas Wreath tutorial. See Kimberly's post over at Simply Living.


My BFF and "Lil Sis" from college, Morgan, who blogs over at Monogram Addict,  made this adorable Halloween wreath. I love her "Trick or Treat" sign! Why didn't I think of Candy Corn? Such a cute touch.

 My college friend Kristen made a beautiful SC map out of scrapbook paper over at B.A. In Housewifery

The scrapbook map was Inspired by The I {Heart} South Carolina Patchwork

Thanks for Reading, and Sharing your craftiness with others!

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  1. So cute! I love the state scrapbook thing!

  2. Thanks for sharing my wreath and thanks for the inspiration!! I am going to have to do that scrapbook state thing, that's adorable!

  3. Thank you for reposting your south carolina project! I saw this idea months ago and I've spent months re-creating your idea into an Idaho version! I couldn't find your original post to give you credit, but now I have! Check on my version on my blog

    Thanks for the great idea!


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