Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Etsy Additions

It's about time I added some more color to the SHOP.

The Bella Citrus Reversible Headbands have been so popular in the shop, that it was time to add a new color scheme!

Introducing....Bella Grape!
Find them HERE in the Shop.

Retro combinations of Purples, Greens, and Oranges make this collection of headbands funky and beautiful.
And the best part....they are one $5.00!!! A 2-in-1 headband for $5.00!

There are 5 wonderful patterns to choose from, all unique and fabulous.
You can pick your own two patterns, or they can be a surprise!

Love the headbands, but don't love purple....then check out the Bella Citrus color collection for vibrant blues, oranges and greens!

Don't forget to use coupon code "BlogLove" to get 15% off of your order. There are still a few days to get orders in to be at your door in time for Christmas! These would be a perfect stocking stuffer!!

*Happy Shopping*

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