Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Coasters

Sometimes it's the tiniest little Christmas decorations that make a home feel completely ready for the holidays. With a 1 year old in the house, I've had to keep my "eye level" decorations to a minimun to keep them out of curious little hands. I did, however want something cute for my coffee and end tables in the living room....

*Christmas Coasters*

I love making these's super cheap and easy! I used my own method for putting them together.

You can find the tutorial HERE or under my tutorials section!

How cute do they look with a cheerful snowman mug on top??? There's no easier way to add a little touch of a holiday to your table.

I may have created a little monster with these. A set for every holiday??? Every month of the year perhaps???


  1. Those are way to cute! I have been eyeing our 'outside' table for the past week with thoughts of doing that. It was an old kitchen table with tiles on the top, we were going to use it for an outside table but it got rained on before we could seal it. Hate to let good tile go to waste.

    I agree, a set for every month!

  2. Thanks for posting these!! I just made a few sets to give as gifts for the teachers' helpers at school. They look great and were super easy!!


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