Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Wreath

I love wreaths. I think the kind of wreath you have on your door says a lot about your style and personality. I used to like subdued wreaths, plain with a large bow on top. Then I started wanting little embellishments, like berries and pine cones at Christmas. Now I want BIG bows, flowers, letters (even words!!!) and stuff sticking out all over the place!

Wreaths are the easiest way to decorate for any holiday or occasion. Just a simple grapevine wreath with a themed bow makes a statement about what you are celebrating. Here are a few wreaths (with tutorials!) I've made in the past for different occasions:

My sister in law asked me to make her a Fall Wreath for their front door, and I was thrilled to put it together.
I used THIS tutorial for putting everything together.

I love the little pumpkins!

 In case you need more inspiration, here are some beautiful wreaths that I found on Pinterest.

I want to make this one for springtime!

It's a good thing Hubby let me dedicate a wall in our garage to storage!! I'm going to revamp our Christmas wreaths this year. We've had the same ones for 4 years now, and it's time for a change. I'll take any excuse to go craft shopping!!!


  1. I love all the wreath inspiration! Reminds me, I need to get going on that for Halloween.... Your newest follower,

  2. Hi Jenilyn! These wreaths are all great! So glad I found your blog via the Welcome Wednesday blog hop!! I am now your newest follower; and I hope you will follow me, too! God bless you!

  3. These are just lovely and such a wide variety. Hard to choose which one to make and I can't just make one of each. I appreciate your mention of storage, I look at things with that in mind these days since we have so much stuff. Your sister in law must love her pretty wreath!


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