Monday, October 10, 2011

Fabric Shopping

Once a month, a tiny little textile mill in South Carolina opens it's doors...and allows SHOPPING!! This tiny little mill has quite a large warehouse, and it is full, I mean FULL of fabrics and notions. Unfortunately, they don't have much of a selection of quilting cottons, but they have anything else you can imagine.

Denim, velvet, courderoy, fleece, flannel, suede, tapestry, and all of the decorator-weight fabric you can handle, all under one roof, and with super cheap prices. Many items they sell by the pound!

All of those beautiful rolls....

Gray was assisting me with choosing zippers.
(Ignore the Kroger shopping cart. They use what they've got!)

They sell zippers by the Pound...the POUND! That's a lot of zippers.

I showed a lot of self restraint on this little shopping adventure. My brain was soooo full of projects that I could make with all of these beautiful fabrics (Think lime green chevron pillows. Eek!) , but I chose to focus on one project. I'm going to tackle trying to make Gray a jacket. I bought a pound of super soft suede and some fleece to line it with. I think I'll have enough suede leftover to make some pillows for our couch!

Maybe next time I'll let myself go a little wild and stock up on some fabrics.

What would you do with a pound of zippers???

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