Thursday, October 13, 2011

Career Day!!

Yesterday, I was invited to participate in Career Day at my sister-in-law's elementary school. She is a 3rd grade teacher in her first year of teaching....Bless. Her. Heart. She has more patience than I do! There were people representing LOTS of different careers from around the upstate. There were professors, policemen, firemen, goat farmers, crime scene investigators, artists, realtors, etc.

And...I got to talk to the kids about being a Medical Laboratory Scientist! I gotta was SUPER hard to talk about what I do every day night to little kids. My age ranges were from Kindergarten to 3rd grade. One mention of the word "blood" and it was nothing but "Ewwwww!" Nonetheless, I had a great time and really enjoyed the questions they asked.

I felt like a kid again cutting out bright paper and putting in on  tri-fold display board. Just like presenting a science project.

I brought a couple of my friends along. Mr. Bear had his lab work done!

There was so much I wanted to be able to tell them, but we just ran out of time. I made sure I emphasized to Stay In School!!

I even brought along a few lab props for color! Don't you just love a good rainbow of blood collection tubes??

I had a good time with the kids and sharing about my profession. I love what I do!! Maybe I inspired some little minds today.

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  1. looks like you did a great job! I am sure they loved it!


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