Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Frames

Have I meantioned how much I LOVE fall??? It's my second favorite to Football season. In an effort to increase the presence of fall decor around our house, I wanted to whip up some fall-inspired picture frames. I love the look of burlap for fall, so I decided to use some leftover burlap I had from THIS  and THIS.

{Fall Frames}


Scraps of Burlap (or any other fall-type fabric)
hot glue
picture frames

I had three colors of burlap to work with.

I got these frames for a dollar at Hobby Lobby. You could find some cheap frames at the Dollar Store too.

Cut your burlap into strips a little wider than your frame so it will wrap around. Use your glue gun to attach the pieces to the frame. You can do it neatly, or messy! I like the "slightly unfinished" look.

On another frame, I took strips of the burlap, and glued them down in a wavy ripple pattern. I love the texture of this one.

Make some flowers out of leftover burlap, fabric, or use ribbons, buttons, etc. to add to your frames.

Glue them on for a sweet embellishment.

Throw in your favorite pictures and set them up on the mantle! I should probably use more updated pictures than these...but I just love them so much. Gray probably won't nap sweetly in a basket outside this year for me to take pictures....

Happy Decorating!

If you are looking for some more fall inspiration, be sure to check out these tutorials as well....


  1. These frames are fabulous! I love how festive they are for fall. I am thinking I need some new fall decorations. I have Halloween and Christmas, but kind of leave Thanksgiving and Fall out. I will have to try to make some of these. Thanks for sharing and for linking up:>

  2. Too cute! I might need to try this. I'm your newest follower and can't wait to check out more of your blog! Would you follow me back? I'm over at

    Thank you!

  3. Those are just adorable! What a great idea! I'd love for you to share it here:

    PS - Your blog title is too cute!

  4. So much fun! I just love burlap, thanks for showing off!



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