Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Little Vacation

Hubby and I have tried to go to the mountains for a little mini-vacation every year that we've been together. Last year we didn't make it because Gray was so small, but we were determined not to miss it this year! I managed to get a few nights off work at the last minute so we booked a small condo and headed up the mountain. Gray had never been to the mountains so this was new for her too. We stayed in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and enjoyed days there and in Gatlinburg, walking, shopping, and eating some amazing food.

The drive up was beautiful and 80 degrees! We had to change clothes when we got there.

We went at the peak of color change so everything was so colorful.

Gray wanted to be Queen of the World on her little rock.

The colors of fall are so gorgeous.

(Objects in mirror are more awesome than they appear)

It was a little rainy, but we didn't let that get us down!

We had a great mountain view from our condo balcony. It was very peaceful.

We went to The Apple Barn for lunch. We had never been but had heard good things about it...and everything was amazing!

Look at these little apple fritters with apple butter. Yummmmmm!

We met some fellow Clemson fans while there, and they agreed to take a picture for us. It's hard to get family pictures!

I thought this picture was cute...until I noticed the creepy guy around the corner!! Yikes!

Gray was all worn out by the time we started shopping.

So that evening we relaxed in the pool! She loves swimming with her Daddy.

Gatlinburg was FREEZING so we bundled baby girl up...and she decided it was nap time.

But she woke up in time to play with a pumpkin

I'm pretty sure this sign was lying....

On our way SNOWED!!! It was 80 degrees on the way up, and 35 on the way home...just two days later!

I found this little "survivor" tree

Hubby was so excited to see snow on his birthday. It doesn't snow here in October! It's still hot outside.

We hated to come back to the real world, but it was nice while it lasted.


  1. Oh your making me drool for Apple Barn apple fritters and that delicious apple butter! I love Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge! And yes, they do have samples of moonshine in there!

  2. Beautiful photos! It is so nice to get away from home sometimes and have a change of scenery!

  3. I am now missing my home in Bella Vista. That was the one thing I LOVED about living in the Ozark Mountains, the fall and all its glory.

    Those are some beautiful shots and looks like a lot of fun was had.

    What a great way to make family memories.

  4. Great fall photos and what a little cutie you have! Following from the blog hop. :o)

  5. Looks like a wonderful time away! The pictures are beautiful.

    I'm a new follower via the blog hop.


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