Friday, March 23, 2012

The Morgan Dress

Oh how I love this dress. This is the 4th of this sweet little dress I've made. The First two dresses were super cute, but I didn't like the elastic on the sleeves. It seemed too constricting. Then came the Orange Gingham dress that fit much better.

I decided to make a pattern from the orange dress, and it will be my next available pattern in the shop.

The actual pattern is done, so I was testing it for size, and writing the directions. I found this great green, blue and brown fabric and knew it would be perfect.

It's a perfect Spring and Summer dress. Plenty of room to run and play!

And Climb!

Sometimes the sweetness wears off.

I can't wait to have this pattern available. I will be doing some more pattern testing soon to make sure all of the sizes are accurate.

It's an easy pattern with only 4 pieces, and is a great intro into sewing sleeves if that makes you nervous.

Love. Love. Love.

The pattern is named after my girlfriend Morgan, my BFF from college. It's such a sweet and girly dress, and she is ABSOLUTELY both of those. I blame her for my love of many things "girly", because until I met her, I would have nothing to do with anything "girly". Oh how things change.

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