Thursday, March 29, 2012

Party Planning's still several months until Gray's 2nd birthday. I'm trying to avoid my denial, and work through it with party planning!! It's never too early to start, and if I do a few crafty things now, then they won't sneak up on me at the last minute.

I've been pinning, and scouring the internet for fun ideas for her little party. I finally have a theme (secret for now!), but I know she'll love it because it involves her FAVORITE thing in the whole world...other than me of course. Oh who am I kidding...she likes her Daddy the best, but I'm a close second.

Last year, her party was outside, and in the middle of August, we're talking triple digit temperatures around here! This year, we may try to keep more of the party inside, or at least hope for some clouds.

Here are a few party ideas I'm loving to help me with my party planning...

I love these paper pinwheels from Kojo-Designs. They are super easy and really dress up a wall.

These little flip flops might have to be part of Gray's birthday outfit. They're so stinking cute I may need to make a few pair for this summer anyways.

Natalie's pennant banner is a great party go-to! I love the little streamers

I made some cake pops last year (and forgot to put them out!), but they are time consuming. These marshmallow pops look so sweet and easy to make. No baking involved.

It's easier to look forward to a party than it is to remember that your BABY is going to be a year older. She's a joy though, and I love watching her grown and learn!

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