Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Diaper Sewing... Take 2

On a recent trip to Rock Hill I had to stop in at my second favorite Hobby Lobby to see if they had anything "different" than ours at home. (Any excuse to go to Hobby Lobby!)

I found THE most adorable piece of minky microfleece in the remnant pile marked 60% off. It had to come home with me.

Since lime green with polka dots is my all-time-favorite color and pattern combination, and I love to put Gray in MY favorite colors....It needed to become a diaper. Something soft and fuzzy for her little butt.

I changed my pattern a little bit from the last diaper I sewed her. I like the fit of the first one better. This one fits fine, but she will outgrow it quicker.

I lined it with one of Hubby's old undershirts, so it's suuuuuuper soft and worn in already.

Overall, It's pretty stinking cute.

And just for fun....some reading pictures.

She gets very excited to read her "Boooooks!!"

She "reads" them outloud. I always wonder what she thinks the book says.


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