Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Celebrating Fitness

The hospital I work for has a competition every year called the "Biggest Loser" patterned after the show. It's a weight loss competition challenging teams of coworkers to get fit!

I am the Cheerleader for my coworkers and have LOVED watching them lose some serious pounds over the last few weeks. To celebrate their fitness and get some more exercise, a group of us decided to walk a 5K this past weekend. It was for a good cause, and we wanted to have some fun.

Gray got to come along too!

This is pre-race.

And Post-Race. We're all still smiling!!

Gray had the sweet ride.
3.1 miles doesn't sound like a long way until you have a toddler strapped to your back. She was wonderful though and told me about every "Truck!" that rode by while we walked.

I have some nutty coworkers.

And one sweet little baby girl. She Loved running around once we were done. So much wide-open land!

We've all gotten excited now that the 5K is over with and are looking forward to the next one! This was number three for me. I must say, it's WAY more fun doing them with people to make you laugh along the way!

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