Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pattern Testing

I have had some wonderful ladies working on pattern testing for the Carolina Breeze Bag pattern. I must say they have put some really fun and unique features into their bags, and really helped me out with finalizing the pattern! I had made the bag so many times that I had to make sure that it was as easy as I thought it was, and that I wasn't just making up steps with each bag as I went along. This is where pattern testing is SUPER helpful.

I made one more bag to use to write the tutorial for the pattern, and I think it's my favorite so far.

Here are my Testers' creations from the new pattern:

Alicia from Little Pieces of Us made this one. She opted to use a button instead of a bow. What a unique touch!

Rebecca of My Crazy Beautiful Life made this one using....a DISH towel for her fabric! She found a great chevron towel and wanted to use it to make hers...and it's fantastic.

My "online-friend" Amy made this sweet little number...

I love it in PINK!

Kelli from  Small Town Stitcher made this great Brown and Red bag...

Tara of Mommy Head Adventures made this sweet striped one. I LOVE the stripes!

A HUGE Thank you to these ladies for testing out the pattern and giving me great feedback to make it better for YOU!!

The Pattern will be available in the shop TOMORROW!!!

Sooooo excited!!

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