Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Peasant Dress

                                 I am IN LOVE with this new dress!

A friend of mine wrote me a couple of weeks ago needing a dress ASAP for her little girl for a family photo shoot. She sent me a couple of pictures of dresses she liked, told me what colors her and the hubby were wearing, and I was off to go fabric shopping!

I love the peasant style, and the elastic arms and neck make this dress super-comfortable and easy to get on a baby!

She wanted  a matching clippie to go with the dress, and I love how this one turned out.

I couldn't make another little girl a dress without making one for Gray too! I used leftover fabric from THIS dress that I made for me to make Gray a matching one.

Seersucker is amazing enough...but Pink and Orange?? Please! Love it.

There is going to be a long-sleeved version coming soon as well as....Fleece!! I love when babies wear makes them even more cuddly.

These are coming soon to Etsy for custom orders...All sizes and colors.


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