Thursday, September 29, 2011

Babies and Football

I have often been asked "How in the world do ya'll take Grayson so many places??". It helps that she's a good baby. She is calm, easily entertained, and enjoys lots of activity. Where is a better place to see TONS of activity than a football game!?

I thought I would put together a little post about how we plan for a day out with Gray. We've gotten pretty good at packing with all of the home games we've been having lately. This will be called...

Baby Essentials- Football Edition

Always, ALWAYS pack your game-day diapers. All of Gray's purple and orange diapers make it into the bag. The "diaper bag" stays in the car. Only a small bag goes into the games.

Pack your little tailgater their own little chair. How cute is this thing??

If you don't have a tiny chair, a big one will do...but expect climbing!

Don't overload yourself with toys. Let nature provide the this pinecone!

Once you are in the game, have multipurpose toys available....PomPoms are key!

Visit all of the local wildlife. While this may not be real wildlife, it was pretty cool, and Gray loved it. They have matching shirts!

Sometimes all of the fun and excitement is just too much....

Here is our checklist for each homegame...or outing:

Small backpack
Travel Wetbag
2 diapers
Small wipes case
Pack of snacks
Cup of water

That's just for Gray. We can also fit in this little bag:
Cell Phone
2 Hats
2 frozen bottles of water

I know this sounds like I'm carrying a Mary Poppins bag...but it's actually a very small sling-style backpack that takes up almost no room and is very lightweight. Packing light and compact is key to making your outing more fun! You'll have everything you need without lugging around a HUGE pile of stuff that so often comes with bringing babies along on a trip.

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