Monday, April 28, 2014

Toddler Behavior Charts

Whoever named the "Terrible Twos" had not yet had a three year old. Not that mine is terrible, but it seams that my friends and I are having exponentially more trouble keeping our toddlers OUT of trouble once they hit this magical age.
It's easy to go from zero-to MAD in a hurry when they're pushing your buttons. In order to try to curb some of this button pushing behavior, and give our toddler a clear visual of consequences and rewards for behavior, I created these two charts:

And a reward chart...

We start every day on "Great Job", and as the day goes on if she has trouble listening or following instructions, the clothespin will move down the chart.

She gets a mid-afternoon snack for being good and taking a good nap, and she loves picking it out herself. So one of her consequences is losing that snack for the day. If she continues to misbehave, she will reach "no free play", where she won't get free reign in her playroom to do what she wants. She will still be able to color, do puzzles, etc., but it will have to be done quietly at the table.
For each day that she ends on the first two blocks, "Great job, or Warning" she gets to put a sticker on her reward chart. Once she gets 7 stickers in a row (or column) she gets a dollar to put in her savings jar. This way she can see how close she's getting to another dollar!
 Both of the BLANK sheets are available for FREE download! You can edit them yourself or print them as-is and write on them. Trim them up and add additional paper underneath for a fun and colorful border.
Click the links below to download:

FREE reward chart download

I wrote this post before really giving the charts a try. I am happy to say that we HAVE seen improvement in our toddler's overall behavior.

She gets very excited to put her sticker on her chart each day, and gets upset when she doesn't get to. She tells us "I will be good today so I can get a sticker tomorrow", so we know she is grasping the concept. Best of all, her savings jar is getting more dollars in it!


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