Sunday, April 20, 2014

{Tutorial} Workout Tank from Oversized Shirt

Does anyone else think it's unfair to get all psyched up for a good race, go to pick up your race packet, and find an unflattering, oversized shirt in your bag? Sure, they look great on the guys, and if they're just t-shirts, they fit okay. But a lot of races are going to tech shirts (yay!) and they are unisex fit. Translation.... good work out shirt that you can't wear because you're a small-framed girl and it fits like a potato sack.
Here's what these shirts usually look like on me...
('s my tiniest human, so it's a little exaggerated. But you get the point.)

So I took it upon myself to turn this unwearable reminder of my super-fun race into something I COULD wear!
The phrase "been there, done that, got the t-shirt" doesn't mean much if you never wear the shirt. So I'm adding to my workout wardrobe with my race shirts... and making them fit.
-Basic sewing skills
-Oversized t-shirt
-Racerback tank top for measurement
To begin, lay your good tank top over your shirt to see just how much you'll be removing. Yikes.

Using scissors, cut the arms off the shirt. No need to use a seam ripper, just cut them off.

Carefully cut, angling the armholes towards the neck. This will make a narrower shoulder.

Flip the shirt over to the back. Cut a semicircle from the shoulder to the bottom of the armhole. This will give you a racerback cut to your shirt. Try to preserve the sponsors if you can. It makes the shirt look like it came that way!

Turn your shirt inside out and pin down the sides, marking how much you should be taking off the width. If you like a loose fitting shirt you can skip this, but I like mine fitted.

Sew a seam up the line of your pins to take the shirt in. Try the shirt on before cutting off excess fabric.

To finish the armholes, simply roll the raw edge under and sew it down. These tech fabrics don't usually fray, so you can skip doing a complete rolled hem.

Throw on your NEW, nicely fitting workout shirt and hit the road!

I can finally show off my half-marathon shirt. It was an accomplishment...I want to wear it!


  1. Saw your post at the C.R.A.F.T party! I had to stop by since your photo really caught my eye!

    Great use of an oversized shirt. I think it's safe to say we all have them, and I like the stitching work on the sides where the arms were cut off. I've seen it done where people won't finish it, but yours looks great! Nice job!

    Anyway, I'm so glad I found your blog--I'm following you now, and I look forward to your new posts! :)

    Would love it if you stopped by our Facebook page and said "hi!"


  2. Looks great - I need to do this to a few of my bigger tshirts. Congratulations on completing your half marathon. I am not a runner but I workout regularly - at least 5 days a week at home.

  3. It looks fantastic. I've made over a few big t-shirts into running shirts but I've never done it the way you did. Feel free to stop over and check it out.

  4. That's really cool! Thanks for linking!

  5. Pleased to know about this wonderful idea. Oversized tees and cropped tank tops are quite in trend. They are comfortable while workouts and even sweat resistant too. Best for scorching summers too. Planning to buy some for our gym strenuous sessions starting in a couple of weeks.


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