Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More Sewing for Kids: The Kaileigh Dress

I've been updating the kids' spring and summer wardrobe with some new goodies. I realized I haven't made a Kaileigh Dress in a while, and wanted to knock one out.

Ya'll have made this dress a definite favorite. It's a classic silhouette, adjustable for a good fit, and best of's reversible!

I let Goldilocks pick out her fabrics this time and I must say she did a good job. She always wants her name or monogram on her outfits now. Bless her...she doesn't know how happy that makes me!
I love how bright the chevron is. And how jealous am I of her hair?? No 3 year old should have hair that perfect! She wanted a bun for our Tea Party at church. 

The Kaileigh Dress is by far the easiest of all of the dresses in my Pattern Shop to sew. Just one pattern piece, and all of the seams are hidden. Piece of cake. And it has infinite possibilities for personalization and customization. 

Monogrammed, hair done...ready for our Tea. I love every 3 generation picture we take. I think Goldilocks looks more and more like my Mama every day!

What have you been sewing for your little ones this spring?


  1. cute pic of the three of y'all! miss you!

  2. This is adorable! I will have to get this pattern some time. I just finished 2 Vintage Pillowcases Dresses with the Back Loop(my Daughter likes this style best) for my Granddaughters, 2 & 4. I'll post the pics next week. We have our JBF Sale this week end, so I am pretty busy with that and no time for a Blog Post ~

    Huggs, Nancy


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