Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Scrapbusting for the Kitchen

My never-ending pile of scrapbusting projects is starting to actually make a dent in my scrap bin(s). I've been on a quilting kick lately, but wanted to tackle a smaller project. I started cutting out some small squares and decided they would make adorable kitchen accessories!

I made two sets of oven mitts and hot pads.

One set was a rainbow of colors from all of my favorite scraps.

The second set I wanted to cool down a bit, and used blues, greens, grays and some black. These are definitely my favorite.

All of them received a black and white striped binding for fun contrast. The rainbow set was quilted with a meandering pattern.

The blue set was quilted with straight lines outlining the seams of the patchwork piece. They all are layered with batting and Insulbrite to keep hands safe from heat while using them.

I would love to hang on to these because they're OH so pretty, but they may have another home soon. I'll just have to make some more I guess! This was a quick and fun project to knock out.


  1. Those are absolutely wonderful! The pieces go really well together. I think I might have to get my scrap bins out soon, I am a little in need of a new oven mitt.

    1. Thanks Nikki! I've made a few more since these. They are fun to put together.


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