Monday, April 21, 2014

Mattie Sewing

Ya'll are really loving the Mattie Diaper Pattern !! It has been downloaded over 500 times since it was published late last year. I hope that means lots of super cute and fluffy bums out there.

If you haven't tried it yet... the pattern includes FOUR sizes: Newborn, small, medium, and large. Enough sizes to fit your baby until potty training!
Best of's FREE. No reason not to try it out right?
Download it for FREE HERE at Craftsy


  1. Hi from another SC native! I have a question about the diapers - I'm slowly making the transition to cloth diapers, and have started to make some for my 8 month old (I'm going to try your free download pattern tomorrow!) When you use the fitted diapers with the fleece or tshirt as the outer layer, do you have a hidden PUL layer or use a cover at all? Or are they absorbent enough to not need that? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Christi! I don't usually add a hidden layer of PUL when sewing. I either use a cover, or I use PUL as the outer waterproof layer of the diaper. You can make a fitted diaper using very absorbent materials, and leave your baby coverless for a while, but they will be wet if you leave it off too long! Good luck with cloth diapering. I'm halfway through diapering my second, and I'm still in love.


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