Friday, July 22, 2011

When Daddy Has the Camera

During our "photoshoot" for the couple of dresses I've made recently, Hubby was so kind as to be my photographer. He does a good job at taking pictures; the subject is centered, everyone still has their heads, people are usually looking. I appreciate that he takes good pictures because a few of the other husbands in our group of friends are not so concerned with the outcome of the photos!

I had to do a couple of quick changes going from one dress to the other for the pictures, and I left Gray outside with Hubby to play. When I scrolled through my camera to look at pictures when we were done, this is what I found:

LOTS of adorable pictures of my baby girl!

He got one of both of us too, which I am in love with.

No cropping, editing, nothing...just beautiful pictures. Now why when I try to take her picture do I get weird looks, turned heads, and "motion" shots where she's flailing around?? I guess she likes her Daddy playing photographer better than me.

Ya'll have a great weekend! I'll be back next week with some home decor and birthday craftiness for long as I have a happy baby this weekend!


  1. They're so cute!! I love the photo of you and your baby girl. It's frame worthy!

  2. cute pics! my boyfriend always seems to take better pictures of my son, too. haha!

    new follower from vB.


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