Thursday, July 28, 2011

Free Applique Pattern

I get asked all of the time whether I make things for little boys. I wish I did! But since I've only got my tiny princess for right now, making "boy-stuff" has not really been on my to-do list.

At Gray's photoshoot the other day, the photographer and I got to talking about how I made her dress and her little "1" t-shirt for the pictures. She said she could really use some "prop" shirts for her studio to use when taking pictures of babies who's parents might not have brough lots of outfits.

I told her I would come up with something, as well as make her some numbered shirts for Month (3, 6, 9) pictures. I am totally loving this new onesie...and I wish Gray could wear it!

Click Here for the downloadable Necktie Pattern

I've made the pattern I used downloadable for each of you to use to make your own appliqued onsies or t-shirts! Just use THIS tutorial on sewing appliques to help you out if you've never done one before. I think this one turned out better than my original because i've had some practice, and I used a wide zig-zag stitch which is much easier to sew!

The pictures in the pattern are black so they show up well underneath your Heat-n-Bond, so you can just trace them on the paper and don't have to cut them out every time you want to use them. Cute AND eco-friendly! There are two sizes: one for 0-9 month shirts and another for 12-24 months.

This will be a go-to baby shower gifts for anyone I know having a boy.

Let me know if there are other applique ideas you would like to see/try. I would love to try some of them as well!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Very cute! I might have to make some Ts for my boys from this pattern. Thanks for sharing!


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