Monday, July 11, 2011

Diaper Stash

I'm going to slowly take a step back from tutorial writing for a while and get back to some "mommy-business". Don't worry...there are TONS of projects in the works right now, especially with Gray's birthday coming up, and I have lots to share. I love sharing projects and turorials with ya'll.

I have been very proud of myself lately because I have not bought Gray a new diaper in a couple of months. This may not seem like a big deal...but they are soooo addicting. I decided to step back and look at my stash and see what I love and don't love about each diaper so that when I do buy some more, I can better choose what to get, or try something new!

I love this picture....all of her diapers (except the one she was wearing) so neatly organized by color.  All of our diapers are pocket diapers, because I felt it would be the best fit for us, and so far it has been. I have had the urge to buy some all-in-ones or some fitteds and covers for nighttime, but I'm hesitant to branch out.

We'll start with Hubby's Favorite...Happy Heinys. He won't admit that they're his favorite, but I know they are because he uses them more than any others.

We have 5 Happy Heinys in our diaper stash. I ordered them because they had the prettiest colors of all of the diapers. They are beginning to be one of my favorites too because they are the easiest to wash.

Pros: Huge velcro tabs- great for daddy's and caretakers to get on and off
Huge opening in the back to stuff the insert and take it out
Beautiful colors
Good fit, we never have leaks in these

Cons: The huge velcro is very Gray can almost get them off!
There isn't a "stopper" in the back of the diaper, so the insert sometimes peeks out of the top and you have to tuck it back in.

The diaper we have LOTS of are from Three Monkeys Cloth Diapers, a WAHM Etsy shop. We have 10 of these because they were our first cloth diaper and I fell in love. Hubby doesn't like them because of the snaps, but they are a good diaper.

Pros: Great fit and super cute colors/patterns
Comes with an adjustable bamboo cotton velour insert which I love

Cons: lots of snaps, not great for daddys.
The seller has gotten really popular, so there's quite a wait for custom diapers

Ahhhh BumGenius 4.0....the most popular of the One-Size pocket diapers. These are user friendly and come in some pretty great colors. I wish they had more bright colors, but I'm thrilled with the ones we have. There are 10 of these in our stash.

The gorgeous patterns are part of the "Tiny Socialite" artist series by Chelsea Perry. I have three of them, and I'm pretty sure I need the other two as well.  BG is another go-to diaper for us because of the velcro and adjustable inserts.

I bought some Kawaii diapers to use as swim diapers thinking that because they were cheaper, they wouldn't work as well. I was wrong!! These diapers sell for less than $10 a piece and they work just as well as all of our others. They are bigger than the other diapers, so I wouldn't put it on a small baby. Gray is still on the smallest setting. These also come in cute colors and the fleece on the inside is buttery soft. We only have 2 of these, but I think we will be getting some more, especially for the price!

The last diaper in our stash is a Rump-a-rooz. This diaper was free from Kelly's Closet with an order I made. This is the most expensive diaper we have, but I'm glad it was free because it's my least favorite! The colors are gorgeous, but the diaper is soooo small. It's a One-size so it should fit until potty training, but there is no way it will last.

I will be buying the "Lil Joeys" for newborns when/if we have another baby just because of all of the gussetts in this diaper. If you've  never seen breastfed baby poo...then you've really missed out! For those of you who have, you might know just how well disposables handle it...They DON'T! Look at all of the elastic and gussetts in this diaper to contain those messes!

Pros: Amazing Leg and back gussetts to contain messes
Great colors

Cons: Very small diaper, won't make it to potty training

If you're thinking about Cloth diapering, or just curious about it, I hope this has been helpful. I know it helps me to step back, see what we have, and make a better decision on what we may need or want.

What are YOUR favorite diapers??? I would love for you to give me some input on your favorite brands/styles to help me pick some new ones to try.

Here are some websites if you want to go shopping!


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  3. Thanks for the evaluation of your fluffy stash. No one in diapers right now, but it's great info for later (hopefully!)

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  6. Those are so cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog returning the love.

  7. We started out with BG 3.0s a year and a half ago and they're still holding up fairly well (I may need to replace the velcro though).

    I got a free RaR from Kelly's Closet too, but don't like it at all. The gussets look awesome but did nothing for poo containment for us. I save it for when I know he isn't going to poo.

    My favorite diapers are actually the GroVias which I was reluctant to try until recently. But I was swayed by the adorable prints and couldn't help myself. They're super trim and great for the diaper bag since you can just pack 1 extra shell and multiple soakers and take up way less space than packing multiple pocket diapers.

    I'm also a huge fitted fan-you should definitely give them a try-they absorb so much more and make for great nighttime diapers.

  8. Those diapers are just so darn cute! I sure wish Etsy had been around when my kids were little. I would have definitely tried these out.


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  9. We are just starting our cloth diaper adventure! I am prepping prefolds right now actually. :D But, I was given a Happy Heiny and I'm glad to hear the Kawaii diapers worked well. I was thinking about getting a few of those as well! Love the review!

  10. I have taken cloth diapering on full force, no more disposables for us! I love my BG diapers, but our daytime diaper is still the Flip. They are awesome and you can get far with these. Got a KC free babykicks trying out tomorrow, it takes FOREVER to dry but is amazingly soft! Just purchased a second order of Oh Katy and Fuzzibunz. We will see how they work. I want to try prefolds too!

  11. Thanks for the awesome review on cloth diapers! I originally planned on using cloth diapers but ended up using disposable, I'll be trying this with the next baby!

    BTW, thanks for the follow! I just returned the favor :)

  12. These cloth diapers are sooo cute! My daughter is now a teen, but I might have to buy somebody some cloth diapers for a shower gift, they're adorable!

    New follower from the hop...thanks for the incredible diaper review.

    Stacey @

  13. Love this post and it inspires me to do the same!!! Thanks for linking it up at Fluffy Friday! :)


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