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Guest Post: Kathy Joe from Yorkshire Linens

A lot of my time lately has been devoted to making our home more cozy and modern. I am excited today to have a guest from "across the pond" who is going to share with you some AWESOME ideas on revamping your bedroom with sweet and cozy linens. Ya'll know I love a good quilt or crocheted pillow, so these ideas are definitely on my to-add list to my bedroom. Kathy Joe writes a blog for Yorkshire Linen sharing lots of ways to pretty-up your rooms for everyday and for the changing seasons.

Hi My name is Kathy Joe and today I am so glad to be here. I am a crafts person from head to toe. I love exploring unique crafts and designs. I would be flattered if you visited my blog here

10 Modish Ways to Feel Cosy with Bed Throws
As a budget-conscious decorator (as most of us are these days!) throws play a big part in my planning and implementation of colour schemes and décor themes. Throws go easily with any type of interior and can often enhance and harmonise the look and feel of a room.

Everywhere in the Home
Throws are not just to be kept in the bedroom as a practical, spare blanket. They can be put to great effect, draped artfully over the end of the sofa or folded invitingly on a comfy chair in the conservatory – perfect for cuddling up with a good book, or simply to while away half an hour watching the birds in the garden. Match the throw to your curtains for a wonderfully polished effect.

 Texture the Room
Choose a variety of deeply textured throws to add layers and interest to the décor in your room. Smooth, plain fabrics can be attractive, but the addition of intricate texture, in the form of a throw or two, can really infuse the room with a cosy depth and warmth.

 Knit Up a Storm
Add true home-made cosiness to your rooms by making your own knitted or crocheted throws. You can tailor each throw to the room’s décor and the mere fact that you have made them by yourself will give you an immense ego boost each time someone compliments you. If the thought of making an entire blanket seems too daunting, break it down into component squares and set a time for each square to be completed. It may take a while, especially if you are a novice knitter or crocheter, but you will be surprised at the sense of satisfaction you feel seeing a completed throw just waiting for someone to snuggle up in it!

 Lace (or lace effect)
Fine and delicate, lace throws look amazing, adding instant femininity and charm to any room’s décor. If they are made from the correct thread and fabric they are surprisingly sturdy too, despite looking as though they have been woven from spiders’ silk by fairies!

 Bed Throws: Shabby Chic
A wonderful way to fill a room with cosy appeal is to add elements of shabby chic. Shabby chic throws can be sweetly floral, chunky warm knit or charming, old-fashioned patchwork, meaning that you can find the perfect throw to add shabby chic to any room, no matter the current colour scheme or décor theme.

 Smooth and Elegant
If you are something of a perfectionist, wanting everything in the room to look immaculate and precise, choose a smooth and elegant set of throws. Tweed throws, with perhaps a tasselled edging look marvellous, adding a very rich air to the bed or sofa, and they are sturdy and durable, sure to last many years.

Sensual Faux Fur
For decadent tactile luxury, opt for a sensuous faux fur throw, preferably on your bed, so that you can roll yourself up in it and enjoy the wonderful sensation of being caressed by the fabric. You can choose from quirky vibrant colours, or opt for more natural and neutral shades, or even invest in animal print faux fur throws for a more authentic experience.

Size Does Matter!
Invest in generously sized throws to add extra cosiness to the decor, being able to fold, swathe and drape your throws gives the décor a comforting invitation that is hard to resist. Smaller throws that just cover the knees seem skimpy and mean which can make the room seem sparsely furnished and unwelcoming.

Matching Cushions
Cushions go with throws like Ant goes with Dec! Buying matching cushions and throws, especially if they pick up and enhance the décor’s accent colour, can really finalise and polish the rooms overall look and feel, making it inviting and warm.

Splash of Colour
One of the best uses for a throw in décor is to add a splash of colour to the room, brightening and enlivening the décor. Opt for cheerful, clear colours that harmonise and accent the other colours in the room to infuse a cheerful note into the home.

Throws are a wonderfully cheap way of making small, subtle, but noticeable changes to your décor, making them the perfect tool for someone who is constantly tweaking and updating their home. Buy a good range of throws in many different colours to enable you make the most of your home.

Thanks so much Kathy Joe!! Now, go pretty up your rooms just in time for Valentine's Day! It will give you something warm and cozy to do while we're thawing out from this snow!

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