Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Crocheted Pillow

I've seen a few projects on Pinterest lately using a basket weave stitch...and they're beautiful!! It looks so fluffy and cozy, and I just had to try it out. I found THIS video on YouTube which clearly explains the stitch. I have never worked with "posts" while crocheting before so this was new to me, but simple enough, and the result was fantastic.

I had this yarn in my stash. It's Hometown USA by Lion Brand, and the color is Cambridge Tweed.
Although it's soft and fluffy and the color is completely gorgeous, I thought it was a little thick for this stitch. Next time I'll use a less bulky yarn. That being said...look at this texture!

Oh so pretty. I ran out of yarn so I didn't get to make a back, so I just slip-stitched this front panel to a pillow cover that I sewed up. It's just a chair pillow anyways, so doesn't need to be completely functional.

The color, the texture, is perfect. And looks so much more complicated than it is, That's the best kind of project right??

Maybe I'll dust off my crochet hooks more often. It's a nice "quiet time" activity, which may be why I haven't crocheted in a few years. My babies certainly keep me busy!


  1. I wish I knew how to crochet! I tried knitting... huge fail!

  2. I always wished I knew how to crochet or knit!

  3. Cute--love the specks of color in the yarn! I'll have to give that pattern a try.


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