Monday, January 13, 2014

The Excursion Vest: a J. Crew Knock Off

Have you seen the Excursion Vest from J. Crew? Yummy! Unfortunately it's easy on the eyes but really hard on the budget. At $130 it's not exactly something you run out and buy in every color.

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They are quilted, have functional pockets, and a flattering fit.
Most knock offs begin out of necessity, either limited quantities, or budget. This time it's BOTH! Not only are the vests sold out in most colors and patterns everywhere, but the price tag hurts.
I decided to try my hand at making my own, inspired by the beautiful  J. Crew version.

I used The Adams Vest Pattern to create mine. It's a children's pattern, but the size 12 fits me if I add a little length, so it was perfect. I found some sweet woven fabric in chocolate and blue and bought some flannel for the lining.
I quilted the woven fabric with a light layer of batting before cutting out my pieces, and of course, monogrammed the pocket. If it's not moving, monogram I right?
I made the collar a little full for some extra fluff around my neck. I'm in love.

I couldn't find a double zipper, but a nice metal zipper did the trick.

The flannel and the quilting make it soooo warm. Perfect for me because I'm always freezing.

Throw on a scarf and some boots and it's the perfect winter accessory.

It was a lot of work, especially the quilting, but it was so worth it. Now, to decide how many I need in my closet...or if my mini-me needs a matching one!


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  3. SOOO cute! I love it! I love it more than the J Crew version, honestly. Skills!


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