Sunday, February 2, 2014

School Valentines from Cardstore

Have you checked out yet? They have an AMAZING selection of cards for any occasion you can think of. Flat, folded, photo, and everything in between can be customized and personalized to make the perfect card for you!
This Valentine's Day, they are offering a sweet little idea for kids!
School Valentines are the perfect way to put a personal touch on your kids' valentines this year.
I got to make some sweet little cards for my babies to give to their friends at Sunday School and their learning group.
They come in cards of 4, the perfect size for kids.

The embellishments and wording is already done for you! Just add pictures!
The backs even have a place to add names with a message, taking a lot of the writing work out.

I die a little every time I see the one with baby boy in those big glasses. Love.

Cardstore ships super fast so there is still PLENTY of time to order your cards in time for Valentine's Day!!
Happy Shopping!

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